Candle Holders are an easy and affordable, way to add a touch of elegance, and charm to your living space with their unique designs. Adding candle holders to a simple tabletop, counter surfaces or bathroom vanity can completely transform the look and feel of a place.

The key is to choose the right candle holders that match your living space, adds warmth and creates an inviting atmosphere. With vibrant colors and embellished designs, they are a beautiful accent and decor piece for your dining table, kitchen counter, coffee table or living room. If you love candles in your home as much as we do, then you’re sure to fall in love with these candle holders. Here are a few of our favorites.

Audrey Red Glass Candle Holders

Add a modern abstract touch to your home decor with Audrey Red Glass Candle Holders. Designed from beautiful red and ombre glass by skilled artisans, this glass candle holder will surely create magic by exhibiting a modern feel through-out your home.

Its intricate shape, appealing design, and colour make it a fantastic addition to the living room, dining room, or hallway to create a stunning mood and complement the rest of the house.

Gold Pillar Candle Holder Set

This Gold Pillar Candle holder set is perfect to make empty coffee tables and shelves look appealing and ideal to add a touch of glitz and glitter to your home corners. This candle holder is a blend of style and colour, ideal to use at housewarmings, festivals, and special occasions.

Neon Green Glass Candle Holder

This one-of-a-kind candle holder was hand-blown by expert artisans that can bring a modern abstract touch to your home decor.

Made of high-quality Borosilicate glass, this Neon Green Glass Candle Holder would look wonderful on tabletops and bookshelves.

Sage Green Glass Candle Holders

Enhance the beauty of your living space with this stylish Sage Green Candle Holder, which is ideal for adding a classy look to your home decor while also displaying a nostalgic sense.

This gorgeous candle holder is made of green glass and is designed to match taper or cylindrical candlesticks.

Its appealing appearance and charm make it a must-have.

Candle holders can be conveniently placed on any shelf, table, desk, or at any corner of your home to create a romantic mood and provide the most effective and safe light. They're perfect for everyday use and represent a great value.

Even if you run out of candles, these one-of-a-kind holders can be used as decor, as it allows you to create a cosy ambiance at any time.


Use candle holders of various heights on a big flat surface, such as a coffee table or patio table, to provide depth and beauty to the room.

To emit an attractive glow at your next dinner party, group candle holders in metal or crystal in the centre of a dining table.

Place your candle holders in front of a mirror for a simple yet attractive look to display candles and reflect light.

Use brightly coloured candle holders to give colour to a room, or elegant glass candle holders to offer up a sense of luxury.

Combine candlesticks, vases, and plush kitchen & dining set on your kitchen table to give a feminine touch to your space.