Simple Pieces to Elevate Your Home Decor

The addition of small decor pieces can dramatically change the overall look of a space. Even choosing one or two beautiful items can elevate the charm of your home in an instant. At Ecora Living, we have accessories tailored to each room in your home from bedrooms to kitchen spaces. We also have a diverse range of decor items with rich colors and textures, so that you can add pieces to your home with the intention of enhancing a certain style or mood. 

To help you with your decor journey, we have listed some decor items below that can easily enrich your home experience.

1) Vases - 

The easiest way to infuse any space with beauty is by incorporating vase decor into the room. Some vases have the ability to make spaces look more

elegant, and others have the ability to make homes look more welcoming. With or without flowers, vases are always a great addition to any space. Placing them on bookshelves, tabletops, or on kitchen counters are simple starting points.

2) Storage Baskets - 

Keep your spaces clean and clutter-free with the help of elegant storage baskets. These eco-friendly boxes are versatile because they can store newspapers, books, clothes, and other home essentials. 

Whether you want to add a warm touch to your living room or add storage space in your kitchen, these storage baskets are a solid option–they look beautiful and can hold all your belongings!

3) Candle Holders 

Candle holders are an easy and affordable way to decorate your spaces because they normally feature unique designs. Varying the height and color of your candlesticks or holders is a simple way to add depth to your spaces. 

4) Colorful Pillows

With the help of colorful pillows, you can make quick interior design updates. Depending on the season, you can simply change the pillow covers to spruce up your home. Pillows are not only one of the first pieces people tend to notice within living rooms, but they are also a constant source of comfort! Choosing covers for throw pillows that complement the rest of your room allows that space to become more peaceful, whereas choosing colors that contrast with your space creates a room with more depth and flair. Keep these considerations in mind while decorating your space!

You can find all of the items mentioned above at Ecora Living. We have an expansive selection of vases, candle holders, and pillow covers that can easily bring beauty to any corner of your home. These luxurious home decor items are expertly crafted, bringing ideal presents to you and your loved ones. 

All of our decor solutions are one click away. Shop them here. If you are simply looking for some inspiration, visit Ecora Living.