Unique Additions to your Kitchen

In busy homes, the kitchen island is the place where people tend to meet and entertain. This fact makes the kitchen the hub of your home, and it deserves to be filled with pieces you love.

Your home may be a beautiful single-family home, a lux brownstone, or a cozy modern apartment, but size is irrelevant in creating an elegant kitchen space that can host family and friends, enhance your cooking experience, or serve as an additional workspace.

To add charm to your kitchen area, we have a variety of unique additions including serving trays, placemats, coasters, silverware, and tableware that are available in different styles and sizes to tailor to your liking. Below we have created a short list of our top kitchen items and one-of-a-kind accessories. Incorporate them into your kitchen and easily transform this space!

1) Wooden Kitchen Utensils :

Naturally, this post would not have been complete without us shouting out our favorite kitchen utensils. Utensils are essential in every kitchen, but spicing up styles and patterns can make cooking more enjoyable. Our selection of modern utensils are available in steel, glass, and ceramic; however, the wooden collection may be our winner. Not only are these utensils durable and clean easily, but they serve as rustic decor pieces when hung from hooks or stored in vases.

2) Luxury Flatware :

Planning to host an elegant dinner for your friends? Look no further! This golden flatware is an easy addition to take your meal to the next level. Investing in a high-quality collection of Flatware is worth considering as it makes an immediate impact on your guests who will notice it while food is being served or eaten. At Ecora Living, you can find dozens of modern and eclectic flatware sets that are comfortable to hold with lasting finishes. Choose a bold and trendy finish to help set your dining arrangement apart from the rest.

3) Ceramic Dinnerware :

A tasteful selection of dinnerware can add charm to any dinner table and elevate the look of a space instantaneously. Ecora Living’s selection of eco-friendly and handcrafted ceramic dinnerware does just that. The selection of the earthen crockery we have is sure to make your table look inviting. Additionally, ceramic dinnerware is highly durable, making it an appropriate choice that serves hot or cold food, maintains luster, dishwasher safe and cleans easily.

4) Trays :

Serveware is perhaps the best investment given its versatility within your home. Although items like trays are tailored to serving bowls of food and cups of coffee near the kitchen, our wooden trays and glass containers can also be moved to vanities in the bedroom to hold bottles of perfume and jewelry pieces. Within the kitchen area, placing an eye-catching centerpiece like a simple platter or a fruit basket can add personality to the home you are living in. Our statement piece suggestions include our Handmade Ceramic Tray and Acacia Wood Snacks Serving Tray.

Ecora Living offers affordable yet elegant choices to quickly make your kitchen/dining area the attraction of your home. By incorporating pieces like rustic serving trays and stylish modern flatware, bring the flair you want to your kitchen. Maybe throw in a colorful Apron to make your chores more interesting while you’re at it.

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