About Us

At @ecoraliving, we aim to transform your homes into beautiful, Zen spaces so that you can lead a life that balances the powers of calmness, peace, and harmony. 

@ecoraliving is your one-stop source for unique and elegant pieces to decorate your personal spaces. The products on our platform are carefully curated—we select them from artisans all over the world to appeal to your taste. While selecting our products, we select those that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically sourced. 

Our name and our logo reflects our values. Ecora means diamond, which symbolizes elegance. The logo includes the Japanese Enso circle which symbolizes tranquility and peace. We promise you the ultimate customer experience when shopping at Ecora along with the comfort your products will bring you and the high quality nature about them.

Indulge in the essence of @ecoraliving. You deserve it.