Vases are the easiest way to add a touch of style and charm to any home. Make your home a warm and welcoming space by placing vases along the entryway, on console tables, and on bookshelves. Floor vases are a great way to fill large spaces whereas tiny vases can be used as décor objects. 

Even if you may not have fresh flowers, if you love decorating as much as we do, then vases are the way to go! We have a range of vases that can be used as unique pieces throughout your home. Our favorite vases are those that serve as a vessel for preserved branches, a bunch of wildflowers or a few long stems of beautiful seasonal blooms.


Modern decorative vases with unusual designs are both eye-catching and functional. Vases made of borosilicate glass like Neon Glass Vases and Audrey Red Glass Vases will surely complement your coffee tables or counters. Clear glass vases also show off entire stems, adding to the overall visual display, texture, and tone of the decor space.


Ceramic vases are always in demand and have survived the test of time due to their simple elegance, functionality, and sturdiness. They are highly versatile as décor objects, and they can furnish any style of interiors ranging from rustic farmhouse to contemporary modern.

If you're not sure which vase you should bring home or where you should place it, purchase a ceramic vase. It will undoubtedly add a touch of glam to any corner of your home.

Medium-sized ceramic vases like our  White Sand Dune Ceramic Vase look great on the kitchen island whereas larger vases like White Ridged Vase are a great addition to entryways. 


The classic glass vase never goes out of fashion. These vases look beautiful when paired with a bunch of flowers or as a display element when combined with other decorative fillers and objects. Beautifully crafted crystal vases are well known for holding long stem flowers and are a symbol of luxury and elegance. These vases not only display the stems underneath but also play around with natural light to elevate any space. Crystal vases are also perfect for holiday gifting.

Our unique Spectra Two Ways Flower Vase looks best when filled with flowers, branching botanicals, or left empty as a sculptural element on tabletops or mantles.


  • Always choose a vase that complements your home's décor. Decorative vases add visual texture, color, and form to a space.
  • A decorative vase with flowers pairs well with a stack of books, candles, and a decorative tray to transform any tabletop in your family or living room.
  • Vases along with elegant storage baskets and plush kitchen dining accessories add charm to any kitchen island or breakfast table. 
  • Add an assortment of two or three matching vases with or without flowers along with a family picture to your fireplace mantel to spruce it up any given day.
  • Vases are a perfect addition to style any simple bookshelf. Vases of unusual shape and size make a great focal point and add details to a wall full of books.  
  • The dinner table is the perfect place for either tall vases filled with long-stemmed flowers or a bunch of small vases filled with wildflowers. Tip: Never forget to leave a clear opening for your guests to talk across the table. 

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